Training You to Grow Vibrant Communities

Intentional Leadership has spent years researching the most practical and important lessons from psychology, sociology, and leadership to help you build vibrant and authentic communities that foster good in the world. 


Every community can thrive.

Here's what's amazing; in our research we discovered common things that help communities grow and leaders thrive. It's not about working harder or longer, but it's about understanding and meeting the deepest human needs; meaning it's consistent around the globe.

Help People Flourish

Our system is about human flourishing—not organizational growth. However, if you implement these lessons, your community or organization will grow. 

Work Less

Our research revealed how to build teams where people are excited to volunteer. Meaning you'll work less and have a greater impact.

Increase Giving

We discovered that when cast leaders cast compelling visions, and communicate effectively with donors—giving will increase. 


Build Friendships

The Intentional Leadership Community was created to help you develop authentic friendships that allow you to let down your guard. In our research one of the biggest challenges facing leaders is a lack of community. Leaders are often surrounded by people on a daily basis but they often feel lonely, because it's hard to be fully open with those you lead.

Receive Coaching

Don't lead alone. Using the latest technology, the Intentional Leadership community is delivering world-class coaching through our online classes, webinars, and in-person gatherings. 


Intentional Leadership has created a free Masterclass for church leaders to help you discover HOW YOU CAN GROW A THRIVING, AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL, and you'll also learn how you can JOIN THE INTENTIONAL LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY.


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