Kevin Lum, the Founder of Intentional Leadership and the CEO of Foundry Financial speaks on a variety of topics to a diverse array of organizations.

He is able to speak on topics as diverse as personal finance, social justice, church leadership, growing vibrant churches, online marketing, building churches that young people want to attend and our current political situation in an engaging manner with warmth, authenticity and humility.

As an example of Kevin's diverse audiences, Kevin has spoken to audiences and/or presented at the following venues:

  • Sojourners
  • World Vision USA
  • Q Commons
  • Christian Community Development Association (CCDA)
  • St. Columba's Episcopal Church
  • National Pastors Convention
  • Urbana
  • The IDEA Conference
  • Still Meadow Church
  • Nazarene Theological Seminary

If you are interested in requesting Kevin to speak at your event, please send a request, and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. Please note that Kevin's schedule books quickly, but we will do our best to fulfill requests that align with his interests. 

When you email please include: 

  1. Proposed Dates
  2. Organization
  3. Event Name/Venue 
  4. Short description of desired talk.

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